Network-oriented services, applications and management are software solutions. Software solutions have extremly high importance and sometimes more complex than the networking hardware itself. Even the actual network devices (switches, routers, gateways) are software-supported devices having operating system and programmable interfaces. We are focusing also to the embedded hardware programming tasks.

SCI-Network's software developer team is prepared to meet the extensive needs of network environments. We can offer solutions from simple network monitoring to highly complex performance measurements, security and umbrella implementations according to the customers' requirements. In case of cost-sensitive projects our team is ready to develop in open-source software environments.

Our skilled engineers consult and implement special unique requests. We have several references in VMWare, Microsoft and Linux environments. SCI-Network has several years of experiment deploying video and audio transmission solutions in industrial and corporate environments. Collecting, evaluating and presenting network performance data or catch, transform and transfer special industrial signals are included in our practice. Also we have routine to setup and maintain server solutions for authentication of wired and wireless systems.

We are continously involved in successful R&D projects – the results of its are integrated in our follow-up customer's solutions.


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