SpheronVR AG

SpheronVR AG is one of the most innovative companies in the area of visual information technologies.

Spheron-VR AG, known globally as pioneers in HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera technology and experts in visual content management software Core products of the German headquartered company are digital HDRi camera systems for full spherical, panoramic  photography as well as workflow-integrated image processing and database applications. Core products are building the foundation of the ground-breaking concepts. Pioneering developments of specialist hard- and software-solutions allow SpheronVR to support trendsetting new ways of “doing things”.Designed to fit the needs and requirements of many industry sectors, the companies major markets are Photorealistic Visualization & Computer Graphics (CGI) and database driven Visual Asset Management solutions in the areas of crime scene investigation, security, fire and tactical training SPHERON-VR AG is based in Germany, where it develops, manufactures and delivers its technologies and solutions.

SCI-Network, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of SpheronVR AG products in Hungary.


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SceneCam 2.0

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SceneCenter Forensic 2.0

SceneCenter Framework 2.0


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