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Spheron-VR AG

Spheron–VR AG and SCI-Network, Inc. signed a partnership agreement regarding the exclusive distribution of Spheron products in the Hungarian market. The Spheron-VR AG is the pioneer visual information technology company creating new ways of spherical photography. The German headquatered company designs and manufactures HDRi camera systems and related database application software for visulalization of crime scene investigations, industrial & construction sites or helping security (fire, tactical) training. Database driven Visual Asset Management software solutions complete the portfolio. SPHERON-VR AG is based in Germany, where it develops, manufactures and delivers its technologies and solutions, while local support and services are delivered via the partners.


1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 125.
Ravak Business Center, 2nd floor

Phone:  +36 1 467 7030
Fax:  +36 1 467 7049

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