SCI-Network Inc. provides planning, installation, support and maintenance of complex professional networking solutions.

The role of IT networks is essential. The networks of service providers and the networks of enterprises and government institutes ensure the high-speed base of the vital data, voice and video application. Beyond the enhanced topology of networking devices the security solutions and the special function server/software components have dominant role. The infrastructure of modern networking includes the standard-based wired and wireless topologies.

The work of SCI-Network’s engineer team is highly accepted by the customers and honored by several professional forums. We have long-term partnerships with almost all the well-known vendors of the networking scope. Our experts have enhanced up-to-date knowledge of their skills. Several important references based on our flexibility, creativity and prepared customized solutions.

SCI-Network is proudly and seriously supports the company slogan: “We did not know it was impossible, so we have done it”.

The customer oriented acticity of SCI-Network is based on ISO 9001 (general quality control), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 27001 (information security) certifications.


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