22 November, 2017
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SCI-Network, Inc. in co-operation with Computer and Automation Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have submitted a successful bid to the Ministry of Economy and Transport. It was a part of a European Union project within the framework of the Application Oriented R&D Program.

SCI-Network, Inc. have installed and put into operation LAN and IP telephone system in the brand new service centre - built in town Budaörs - of CHS Hungary Ltd., the leading distributor of the Hungarian IT/computer market.

Solution was based on Cisco devices. LAN switches and routers and IP phone equipment were shipped late summer. System serving for more than 230 users does not contain legacy telephone exchanges, but all usual PBX functions are working.

There are several different IP phones and softphones, analog converters (for faxes and modems) and GSM gateways in the system. For the time being limited number of call centre functions is used together with several (partly as results of special development) customized services.

System is in function starting from the day when CHS moved in, with full customer satisfaction. Connection between new and old offices of CHS is solved, as well.


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