11 December, 2017
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SCI-Network, Inc. was founded in 1998 as an independent successor of the SCI-Modem Ltd. SCI-Network is a Hungarian-owned private company, located in Budapest with activity that covers whole Hungary. The basic found of SCI-Network, Inc. is 0.5 million USD – our yearly revenue in 2009 was more than 7 million USD.


The SCI-Network is a highly professional network integrator company having full expertise of up-to-date networking techniques. Beyond the traditional telecommunication technologies we expressly focus on LAN/WAN solutions. Wireless communication, signal processing, security and network management solutions, intelligent software solutions are also important parts of our portfolio. The increasing number of qualified engineers, the expansion of the scope of our customers and the growing revenue shows the positive trend of the SCI-Network’s growth. This development provided the company’s stable position among the leading Hungarian network integrators.


Our activity covers all areas in connection with planning, deploying, operating and supporting of networks. Our engineers have serious experience and many specializations to fulfill any kind of networking requirement coming from the market. SCI-Network is ready to implement also such solutions (e.g. cabling, PBXs, physical security) that are in overall connection with general networking.


Responding new market demands, we specialise in audio signal processing and in developing intelligent software solutions.


We have living contacts with device vendors. SCI-Network is proud to be Silver Partner of Cisco, Preferred Partner of HP, Distributor of RAD, Zhone, IMC, Alvarion, Ceragon, Castle Rock and Infovista. SCI-Network has several references in different market segments.


The main policy of SCI-Network is to provide highest quality solutions for customer to get their full satisfaction. We have ISO 9001:2008 quality control certificate. SCI-Network has been certified to fulfill NATO AQAP2110 quality requirements.


Central part of our services is the continuous support of integrated networks. Our senior engineers have the full expertise that is necessary for planning, operating, maintaining and trouble shooting of complex systems. To extend and update their technical background our engineers attends several professional trainings and certification tests.


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