11 December, 2017
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Széchenyi 2020
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About us

SCI-Network, Inc. is a highly professional network integrator company having full expertise of up-to-date networking techniques. Beyond the traditional telecommunication technologies we expressly focus on LAN/WAN solutions.

We focus on the wired and wireless network solutions, voice, video and data transmission, audio signal processing, intelligent software solutions, network management and network security. SCI-Network itself develops networking software directly customized for customer requirements. Our product portfolio and services are also available for the government public procurement. The customer base of SCI-Network, the increasing number of engineers in the company staff provided the extension of the revenue of SCI-Network. Today our company has stable position among the leading Hungarian network integrators.

Our activity covers the planning, deploying, operating and supporting of networks. SCI-Network is also ready to implement solutions that are coupled with general networking techniques (e.g. cabling, PBXs, security systems). SCI-Network has several references in different market segments.

The main policy of our company is to provide high quality solutions for customers to get their full satisfaction. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified.

SCI-Network focuses to provide support and maintenance services for its customers. Our senior engineers have the full expertise that is necessary for planning, operating, maintaining and troubleshooting of complex systems.

For free consulting call us at +36-1-4677030 or e-mail us.


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